Vegetation Management


Grass Cutting

DMS specialise in daleside and embankment mowing using high output remote control machinery. We have several years experience in this type of work and happy take on jobs with hillside gradients of up to 50%.

In addition to this specialist work, we also use standard machinery (Tractors/Heavy Duty Flail and Walk Behind HD Mowers)

Our tracked machinery has very low ground pressure and is ideal to work on SSSI area's.

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Pasture Reclamation

We offer an answer to the ongoing issue of maintaining the commercial value of inaccessible land. Using our remote control machinery we have successfully worked with local Land Owners to restore grass land to a productive state and then continued its management with further grass cutting. These habitat changes have led to a rich diversity of wild life and flowers returning, where previously only scrub prevailed  


Bramble and Gorse Clearance

Scrub clearance is a major part of our business. We operate heavy flails and forestry heads on our tractor and remote control machinery to mulch brambles, gorse, thorns.

We specialise in Dalesides / Embankment clearance, but also can clear building sites and gardens as well.

This type of clearance often needs as follow up spraying, which we can provide and future visits as grass returns to the managed areas.  


Bracken Control

A much smaller part of our business. However we can effectively clear Bracken quickly and cleanly using our heavy duty machinery. Our tracked cutters have a very low ground pressure and ideal for working in this type of area.